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What fans say:

A campy, soon to be cult classic…

Entertaining as light-hearted fare in the superhero genre

I loved it so much! Deep love with inappropriate…

It’s a good, sweet, and funny story

Worked well & some very clever comic comments nestled in

I can’t help but wonder — is there going to be a Surge 2?

Best Superhero Movie in Years!!

What reviewers say:

A lighthearted and fun movie filled…

Unique and daring

Fun and campy…sure to be loved

Flirty repartee…unabashed silliness…

Genius…clearly a labor of love…

Campy, cult science fiction…

Action and fun for audiences…



Provided clothing for many of the characters in Surge of Power™

Mile High Comics:

Allowed us to film at its exhibitor booth at Comic-Con International in San Diego


Provided several nice beverages enjoyed by characters in the film. Look for fun product placements and references to JOCKO and MILLER products throughout Surge of Power™!


Allowed us to film at its establishment in West Hollywood, California


Pace-Setting Production Company Defining the Future…

Truly unique. It definitely stands out from all the others.

doesn’t take itself too seriously, and the better for it.

the gay community has a superhero all to themselves.

cheesy energy contagious while watching it

Life of a superhero is a lonely one

Life of a superhero is a lonely one

Surge himself has bigger fish to fry

Packed with fun, stars and a message

Truly unique. It definitely stands out from all the others.

“excellent” and “mini-franchise”

Gay superhero, rocks it with his new star-studded movie

CCW’s Katelyn Fatzler says “Amazing”

First Out Gay Movie Superhero

Guest stars from within the sci-fi con community.

A must-see for fans of the TV Avengers, the Fantastіc Four and the Hulk

‘Questioning’ Sexuality in New ‘Power Rangers’

The film’s message is powerful, yet fun

First Out Gay Superhero Surge is Back

Formed the landscape of Marvel characters

Stars, Stunts and Stories

Jack Larson Legacy

Out In Jersey

Iconic Noel Neill

Noel Neill and Jack Larson’s Final Film

Screened at film festivals and won awards

Surge must do whatever it takes to save mankind.

Listed on Fandango

Facing more enemies than ever before

Scooped up a number of awards at festivals

Augur emerges from the shadows back in Big City

Augur sends Metal Master to Las Vegas for mysterious…

Hollywood Legends Face Off in a New Star-Packed…

Groundbreaking and lighthearted superhero movie

Surge activates the artificial intelligence in the…

Reconcile with his estranged parents and tempted

Supervillain cabal bent on world domination

Festivals & conventions across the globe, taking…

Star-studded cast representing the forces of good and…

Film Review of Surge of Power Sequel

Superhero Faces His Greatest Challenge

Academy Award nominee Eric Roberts

A ‘SUPER’ Day in Los Angeles

Sequel to indie superhero flick


Happily pastiches comic book culture

Sequel will open January 5 in Los Angeles

Gay Superhero Movie Years Before ‘Power Rangers’

Celebrity Endorsements

Fun endorsements from more than 60 of your favorite stars, giving their spin on Surge Of Power.


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