Cinema's First Gay Superhero


Do you…

Do you enjoy powerful heroes in tight outfits engaged in high-level superpower-fantasy drama?

Do you want to enjoy them even more?

If you answered “yes” to either of these questions, or if you have ever answered “yes” to any question at all, then do we have the movie for you!

Worlds First

Surge of Power is the story of the world’s first cinematic out gay superhero wearing blue face, leather and a cape to drive the villains mad in their lust for power. 

Will the Surge have the wit, the craft, or the fierceness to overcome adversity as cinema’s first out gay superhero?

You’ll have to find out!

Super Awards

But anyway, don’t worry about all that because Surge of Power: Revenge of the Sequel has won all kinds of awards.
It’s won the Best Comedy award from the 2017 Nevada Film Festival, and the Best Villain award for Eric Robert’s performance from the 2017 Action on Film Festival. It won the Best Visual Effects award from AOF as well, and not because they used Industrial Light and Magic, if you catch my drift. It also won the La Palma Rosa Most Inspirational Lead Character award for 2017.
See our Press Room page for dozens of wonderful reviews. Geez, you could watch the movie faster than you could listen to all of its accolades!


Best Comedy award from the 2017 Nevada Film Festival


Best Villain award for Eric Robert’s performance from the 2017 Action on Film Festival


Best Visual Effects award from AOF as well


Most Inspirational Lead Character award

Cinema's First Gay Superhero


If the notion of cinema’s first out gay superhero doesn’t get you off your butts, maybe this all-star cast of celebrities will. There’s the sexy black lady who played Lieutenant Uhura the original Star Trek, Nichelle Nichols. She holds up well with grace and poise. There’s Robert Picardo, who played the snippy medical holographic doctor on Star Trek: Voyager. There’s Linda Blair, who once projectile vomited on a catholic priest in the Exorcist. We have Gil Gerard who’s famous for playing a sassy spaceman who lands in a galaxy full of loose women in Buck Rogers in the 25th Century – fun times for him, I guess. There’s Shannon Farnon, the voice of Hanna-Barbara’s Wonder Woman for 10 years in the Saturday morning Super Friends cartoon. We have Bruce Vilanch, who spent four years in the same seat on Hollywood Squares, if you can imagine that. And there’s Lou Ferrigno, who turns green if you make him angry in the popular TV show The Incredible Hulk. Gracious!

Movie Stills

Super Competition

You might be aware that Marvel Comics and DC Comics have each produced comic books with a gay superhero, but Surge is the first gay superhero on the big screen, which started with the screening of the first Surge of Power movie in 2004, Surge of Power: The Stuff of Heroes.
The recent Power Rangers movie promised the first gay superhero – the Yellow Ranger, who was hardly gay or out, but in any event, still behind Surge’s first two movies. Even those characters portrayed as gay and a superhero on the big and small screen are often tokens, secondary, or part of a team. Surge is the only gay character who is the lead in all his movies. It’s still more in comic books than in cinema where you can find a prominent gay character who is a superhero.
Speaking of Surge, it turns out Marvel has a female character of the same name. But listen up, we’re telling you, Marvel’s Surge is more pandering to straight boy fantasies than a response to the LGBTQXYZ lobby with her exaggerated tits and a basic lady-wolverine personality type. They seem to have given her similar gadgets that the real Surge has. Gag me with a spandex onesie! Anyway, the good Surge came out first – in both ways. Surge is cinema’s first out gay superhero.
So, if you want to strike a blow for justice, go see the real first gay superhero to come out and blast his uptight foes with all kinds of nutty powers.


Well, what are you waiting for, silly?

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