Cast Details

The Counsel


Reb Brown

Captain America
Captain America TV show


Lou Ferrigno

The Hulk
The Incredible Hulk


Eric Allan Kramer

Return of the Incredible Hulk


Rex Smith

The Trial of the Incredible Hulk


Joseph Culp

Doctor Doom
Fantastic Four movie 1994


Rebecca Staab

Invisible Woman
Fantastic Four movie 1994


Carl Ciarfalio

The Thing
Fantastic Four movie 1994


Alex Hyde‐White

Mister Fantastic
Fantastic Four movie 1994


Jay Underwood

Human Torch
Fantastic Four movie 1994

Omen's Champions

Knight Seeker

Seeker Entertainment -
Creator/Writer: Eric M. Cooper

Name: Nygel Spinner
Resides: Trenton, New Jersey U.S.A.
Occupation: Part Time College Student, Production Assistant for the Rapid Action News station
Abilities: Super enhanced human capabilities, Advanced Technology
Weapons: Electron Shield, Spike Bones, Plasma Nets, Sonic Sword

The Smoke

XMOOR STUDIOS - Big City Comics
Creator/Writer: Robert Garrett and Eric Moran

Name:Arron Volpacchio
Occupation:Lead Detective of the B.U.I.D (Bureau of Unclassified Investigations Division)
Weapons:Kia Stone, Trained Assassin


Alpha Dog Productions - The Photon Effect
Creator/Writer: Dan Poole

Name: Derek Powers
Resides: Baltimore, Maryland, USA
Occupation: Communication Engineer
Abilities: Emit electromagnetic energy, See electromagnetic energy, Run at Super Speed
Weapons: His backpack contains a liquid food supplement to provide him nutrients to keep up his speed and endurance

The Pink Hammer

Baker Comics - Baker Comics
Creator/Writer: Terance Baker

Name: Tasha Brown
Resides: Orlando, FL
Occupation: Volunteer at youth center & Secretary
Abilities: Super Strength, Speed, Endurance, Invulnerability
Weapons: Controls the Crimson Spirit Force

Freight Train

DC COMICS - Eric Moran's IMDB
Creator/Writer: Dan DiDio

Name: Eric Moran
Resides: Outsiders Headquarters
Occupation: Bodyguard
Abilities: Kinetic Energy Absorption, Size Alteration, Superhuman Strength, Superhuman Durability, Superhuman Speed
Weapons: Trained hand to hand combatant


Surge of Power Enterprises, LLC. -
Creator/Writer: Vincent J. Roth

Name: Gavin Lucas
Resides: Big City, California, USA
Occupation: In-House Attorney at Big City Research Institute
Abilities: Energy projection from any part of his body for flight, force fields, and concussive and destructive blasts; energy sensing power
Weapons: Gauntlets deflect bullets and lasers and contain blades and restraining spray, hip utility half-belt contains various crime fighting gadgets; "battle suit" made of Levlar is semi-impervious and insulates from extreme cold and heat